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Considering the significant impact of increasing progress of ICT has played in social interchanges and development of knowledge and culture in recent years, and the profound impact of Medias, especially the audio-visual ones which occupies all feelings of the viewers and makes them perceive the video of film they are watching with their whole personality, led us to create a website for all Muslims around the world to have access to audio and visual presentation of Islamic scholars and figures speeches.

Nevertheless to say the advancement of technology and science never stops proceeding, then to defend Islamic beliefs and virtues we have to improve our performance just so either. The excessive importance goes where the anti-Islamists are a step ahead us doing this and utilizing the potency of Medias to attack our beliefs, values and youth. They will not lose chance or tricks in this way, like abusing even psychology of color or music in order to harm Islam inconspicuously.

Thus, on March 21, 2012 we began to build this site to be a place for sharing Islamic videos on the net.

We expect dear visitors to help us in this long way with their comments and videos to remove the barriers that have caused lots of worries and regrets for Muslims for a long time. This is possible with sharing your useful files and videos here. May Allah almighty help us in this nobiel cause and spread the truth to others.

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